Why choose TS1?

We are the largest student letting agent in Middlesbrough.

What are your management fees?

Our fees:

1-4 bedroom property
Our fees are 12% inc VAT. We also charge a finders fee, per tenant of £180 inc VAT.

5+ bedroom property
Our fees are 14.4% inc VAT. We also charge a finders fee of £180 inc VAT.

Do you offer let only service?


Is there an inventory fee?

Inventories can be carried out for an additional charge of £120 inc VAT

We would highly recommend you have an inventory done at the start of each tenancy.

Selective licencing?

Please note selective licencing is in place in the Newport area in Middlesbrough. Most streets on the left hand side of campus fall under this scheme (same side as Pelham, Percy & Portman) This is very similar to a HMO licence and must be applied for any property in that area. You can find more information here


Things to think about?

  • Do not compromise space for an ensuite - students have a lot of stuff and need places to store it, maximise storage space as much as possible. For example don't buy divan beds where under the bed can't be used for storage.
  • Majority of students at Teesside are on some sort of computer course so try including high speed internet and ethernet ports in the rooms, create a study area in each room where plenty of space for desk, pc etc
  • White walls grey carpets - are nice, looks modern and clean but will eventually become the norm so think about standing out
  • Parents love security - think about an alarm system, camera entry system (doesn't cost a lot but parents will love it!)
  • students actually like to sit and eat together - it's not always takeaway boxes on the lap so think about dining area, communal space

Are bills included?

Yes, you should include gas, electric, water, internet and TV licence. Bills are capped (gas and electric only)

For 1-2 beds the weekly allowance for gas and electricity is £14 per person per week.

For 3+ beds the weekly allowance for gas and electricity is £10 per person per week.


Stay within the TS1 postcode, you want to be no more than a 10 minute walk from campus ideally. With smaller properties 1/2 beds you can venture a little further